A fast, clean & secure

nodeJs & mongoDB

Social Sharing Script

  • Completely free & open
  • Solid robust, backend
  • High scalability
  • Easy customization
  • Easy installation
  • Build on SleekJS

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What is special about Myyna?

What is special about Myyna?
Myyna is developed under sleekjs framework, nodejs, express and mongodb technologies. Highlighted below are some of its features.

  • Highly scalable and robust.
  • User friendly and flexible.
  • Open source code to which you can easily add node modules.
  • You can customize it in your own way.

Myyna, an open source Node.Js based web application for building your own powerful, customized Social Sharing platform that allows users to Collect, combine, optimize, Pin, Repin, Tag & share your website, video, audio, image content in a better way

We offer you the Social Sharing script, packed with a lot of tools for optimizing your marketing campaigns and drive traffic to your business. Build your own Social Sharing platform, customize and optimize the whole ‘digital-content’ pinning, tagging, sharing, following, commenting process for your business and thus optimize and converge the reach of your content to target audience. Whether it is for, e-commerce sites, travel sites, fashion sites, wedding sites, music sites, dating sites, recipe sites, art gallery sites. Possibilities are endless.

Make your private Social Sharing Platform & boost your digital content visibility

We have open sourced all the code for you and you are free to build and customize it for your company or personal use. Modify it using the tools and facilities we offer and Collect, Save, Combine, Optimize, Pin, Tag & share digital content in the right way. We offer all the support to develop & personalize it for your use.

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